Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Melamine Cause Kidney Problems.............

SAVE 3000 Rupees per month with excellent Healthy condition.

No More Diabetes, You are strong with Family enjoy life with powerfull relationship.

Milkpowder is very very dangerous and sri lankans shall be refused under any confirmation from Specialist or Businessman. Specialist doctores recommend some of Milkpowder since they are benefited by large scale money per monthly basis.
Milkpowder is directly involved with Kidney problems, Diabetes, Highblood pressure, Cancer and Skin problems ect.......
Milkpowder is foreign farmers job and their main market is developing countries as well.
Sri Lankans can save 3000 rupees per month only if families are not using Milkpowder.
Saving due to Milkpowder prices, Working Efficiency & Strong Healthy without Milkpowder.

Sri Lankans should drink water early in the morning minimum of 1 Litres to achieve excellent healthy condition.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008